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Age spots uncovered!  Hyperpigmentation, also referred to as discoloration, is defined as uneven dark spots or patches on your skin.  Some of the culprits for this skin discoloration can be acne, hormones or sun exposure.   Once hyperpigmentation takes place, reversing the damage can take weeks or months to repair with treatment. Sun exposure causes inflammation… Read More

Shades of the Season

Shades of the Season   Sunglasses are more than a trendy fashion accessory. Besides making you look cool, they can protect your vision, help you see the world more clearly and even prevent lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Although the human body miraculously replaces some damaged cells, the cells in the lens of the… Read More

Arrrgh you curious?

Why did pirates wear eye patches? At the beginning of May every year in Lake Charles, we celebrate the Louisiana Pirate Festival. Pirates are often shown wearing an eye patch over one of their eyes. Do you know why that is? Some pirates may have worn the patch because of an eye injury, but many… Read More

Women’s Eye Health

Women Need to Focus on Eye Health   It’s been rumored that many women have eyes in the back of their heads (just ask any kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar), but this alleged superpower doesn’t seem to give women an edge for better vision.   In fact, when you take a… Read More

Dry Eyes

Dry Eye Symptoms Aren’t Always What You Think   We’ve all seen the commercials on TV discussing dry eyes and when to talk with your doctor about medication. You may watch those commercials and think, ‘I’ll never need that medication because my eyes are never dry. They actually are always watering!’ Well, this sounds like… Read More

Seasonal allergies and your eyes

March 9, 2018 Seasonal allergies and your eyes By: Shannon Gillard, COA If you have noticed your eyes itching and watering more over the past few weeks, you are not alone. Spring is coming quickly with its blooms and flowers, all of which can affect your eyes. Pollen, which is produced by blooming flowers and… Read More

Watch out for Workplace Eye Injuries

March is Workplace Eye Safety Month Despite existing safety legislation and educational programs, more than 2,000 employees sustain job-related eye injuries every day in the U.S., making workplace injury a leading cause of ocular trauma, visual loss and blindness. Fortunately, 90% of all workplace eye injuries can be avoided by using proper safety eyewear. The… Read More

Smart Phones Can be Hard on the Eyes

The communication convenience of smart phones has changed the way we use them.  These high-tech devices function more like a hand-held computer than a simple phone, allowing us to not only talk and text, but to access email, browse the internet, review documents, catch up on the news, get directions, play games and engage in… Read More

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