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Simple ways to see better

Simple Ways to See Better May is Healthy Vision Month   If you want to see clearly into your future, you may want to change your diet, develop an exercise regimen, buy a new pair of shades, and throw out the salt, among other things. According to ophthalmologist Lewis Murray, M.D., with The Eye Clinic,… Read More

Eyes Reveal Health Secrets – 2/22/2016

Your eyes may be your windows to the world, but they also give doctors a glimpse inside, at your health, including diseases and conditions of which you may be unaware. Signs and symptoms of conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke and heart disease, just to name a few, are often visible in, on, or… Read More

KPLC News Interview: Corneal Ulcers Common among Contact Lens Wearers – 8/13/2013

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -Back to school can mean back to the eye doctor for contact lens wearers, at a tenfold risk for corneal ulcers. Haley Armand, 22, of Sulphur, is a graduate student at Louisiana State University, putting in some long hours. “I usually get up about five or six in the morning and… Read More

KPLC News Interview: New Contact Lens Nearly 100% Water – 6/28/2013

The first-of-its-kind contact lens has a surface of nearly 100 percent water, transforming the way it feels on the eye. Find out what is behind the lens makeover and whose eyes will benefit the most. All day, Kristy Mouton works in front of a computer – seeing things clearly only with the help of prescription… Read More

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