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Laser and Light Treatments

Spectrum Laser is a Multi-platform/IPL

Laser Hair Removal (810nm Diode) – Unwanted body hair is a problem that everyone experiences.  This is why hair removal has become the #1 non-invasive aesthetic procedure.  The spectrum uses an 810nm diode laser to remove and permanently reduce unwanted body hair.¹

Laser Skin Resurfacing (Erbium Yag 2940nm) – The Erbium Yag laser uses a less invasive approach for treating superficial wrinkles and sun damaged skin.  An Erbium Yag laser procedure involves minimal downtime and delivers great results for mild to moderate skin wrinkling and dyschromia.  The Erbium Yag treatment is gentle, safe and can be used on the neck, chest, hands, and face with minimum risk.¹

Secret RF – The Secret Radio Frequency (RF) microneedling device is a novel platform combining two well-established modalities of cosmetic skin treatments – with no downtime – can be performed on all skin types – all year round.

The Phoenix-15 Carbon Dioxide Laser

Micro-thermal Zone Pattern Scanner – Reduces fine lines and coarse wrinkles. The Phoenix-15 CO2 laser uses a scanner that divides the CO2 laser beam into tiny shafts of light.  These shafts of light penetrate through the epidermis and introduce heat into the sub-dermal layers of the skin.  This heat causes skin cells to reproduce more rapidly to heal the injury thus stimulating collagen.¹

Swift-Scan Scanner  –  This is used on the hands and wrists to transform them beautifully.  The laser removes uneven pigmentation by interacting with the skin’s surface causing the upper layer to peel off.  In addition, the heat from the laser stimulates deeper cells in the dermis causing collagen regeneration and skin improvement.¹

Multi-purpose handpiece

  • Laser Blepharoplasty –  The Phoenix-15 CO2 laser includes an incisional handpiece that can be used as a cutting tool just like a scalpel.  A laser blepharoplasty is a simple and elegant procedure for excising excess skin around the upper and lower eyelids.  The laser energy vaporizes and coagulates as it cuts so there is less bleeding, less bruising and swelling with minimal or no discomfort, and a shorter recuperation period.

Tattoo Removal (Q-Switched (1064nm/532nm) –   The laser  “fractures” the pigment into particles small enough for the ink to be removed using the body’s natural filtering system.  The Spectrum’s Q-Switched 1064nm/532nm laser can effectively remove an array of tattoo ink colors with minimal risk.¹

Vascular Reduction (nd: Yag 1067nm) – The Spectrum’s long pulsed nd: Yag laser will diminish the appearance of existing veins.  The laser light is delivered through the skin and into the vein.  The energy is absorbed and the vein walls collapse and seal shut. Eliminating veins with the Spectrum 1064nm laser is quick and effective for most individuals.  Treatments work best on smaller veins (3mm or smaller)¹

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) – The Spectrum’s IPL can be used for a myriad of different treatments.  It includes 4 broadband filters that can be used for hair reduction, acne reduction and removal of vascular and pigmented lesions.   Each filter provides non-coherent energy that targets specific chromophores.  The treatments are non-ablative and gentle by nature.

  • Acne treatment with Blue Filter – This filter is used to improve acne.  The AR Filter helps to destroy the bacteria that may cause acne.  Moderate inflammatory acne can be safely treated without any side effects or downtime.¹
  • Vascular treatment with Green Filter – This filter is used for reducing small vascular lesions.  The vascular treatment filter has proven effective for reducing telangiectasia and matted telangiectasis as well as cherry angiomas and other small red vascular lesions.
  • Skin Rejuvenation with Yellow Filter – This filter is for non-ablative skin rejuvenation.  This handpiece option can be used for reducing the appearance and improvement of skin pores.  In addition, the skin rejuvenation handpiece can reduce and improve the appearance of pigmented lesions and small vascular lesions.
  • Hair Reduction with Red Filter – This filter is used for hair reduction.  Best results will be achieved when treating dark coarse hair

¹ Multiple treatments may/will be required based on desired results.

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